Keep your data secure – Encrypt!

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So we all now have a good password on our laptop or PC. Or maybe something even better? What happens if you lose your laptop or other device?  The answer here is to keep your data secure – encrypt it so nobody can easily access the data. This used to be difficult and sometimes expensive but it is now much simpler and often free.

Tablets, Phones and Macs

iPads and iPhones have a good level of encryption built in and switched on by default. Newer Android smartphones and tablets normally have it switched on by default, but it is worth checking. Laptops and PCs on the other hand generally don’t. If a hard disk can be removed then there are ways of accessing the data without a password. Don’t take the chance: Macs come with a utility called FileVault you can find instructions on how it works here:

PCs and Laptops

PCs and laptops are a little more complex. Windows 10 professional or enterprise versions come with Bitlocker – Microsoft’s own disk encryption software. This is not switched on by default. Home editions of Windows 10 do not have this feature enabled but you have the choice of upgrading to Windows 10 professional – (currently £110) or sourcing an aftermarket encryption product. Some of these are free, others are not. You can see a review here:

USB devices

Another way to lose data easliy is removable storage such as USB drives (both sticks and disks). Some of these come with encryption ability built in but need configuring first. Otherwise any disk encryption software you buy for your PC may have the ability to encrypt your removable device.


Be aware, some Windows encryption products integrate with the normal sign on process to access your disk. Some do not, requiring a second password or other method of authentication.

This advice offers a balanced approach for a smaller organisation or individual. If you are dealing with sensitive or higly valuable data you may wish to take extra steps. For a really secure disk encryption product please contact us here