GDPR compliance

Compliance wiith The Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR) does not need to be onerous and can bring clarity to you and your staff about what you should and shouldn’t be doing with personal data. Very often it will not mean big changes to the way you do things.

Transparency and openness

People are becoming more concerned and aware of their data and a major benefit to your business is that your customers can see that you are being open and honest with them about what data you do have, and that you are taking steps to safeguard the data that they have entrusted to you.

Why and how to protect your data

Here at Djinn we demystify the GDPR compliance process and we offer real solutions while sharing our knowledge with you so you can be confident that you understand why and how you need to protect data. We are on hand to guide you throughout the process. You can contact us if you need practical help, or to get reassurance that you are right.

The impact GDPR has on ICT security

ICT security does play a part in GDPR as you have a duty to protect that data, and that will extend to making sure your environment is secure. Often small changes can bring great benefits at little expense.

We offer practical no-jargon advice on what you can do to protect your business. As well as having peace of mind about security in relation to the GDPR you can also take steps to ensure your business is better protected against data losses and interruption to your day-to-day activities.